By now those of you still using Citrix XenApp 6.5 will be we aware that end of support is fast approaching and Windows 2008 R2 End of support date was long ago on the 31/1/2015.

With the Long term service release of 7.15 the Product is now more mature than ever it also extends to the cloud with the ability to provide Servers from AWS and Azure.

Morfit Group Consulting can help you with.

• Current XenApp 6.5 environment assessment, to highlight shortfalls and issues of the current environment, to assist in the planning and design of the new XenApp 7.15 environment.
• Plan and Build a Proof of concept environment, to allow for the evaluation of the newest release.
• Design of new a XenApp 7.15 environment.
• Integrate 7.15 with current 6.5 deployment using storefront services.
• Use of disk imaging management technology machine creation services/Provisioning services.

Additionally, we can fully manage the XenApp integration with Citrix NetScaler, extend the deployment to Remote Access.

And after we get you onto 7.15 we can provide a Managed service, to report on the performance of the Environment, and keep the environment running at optimal level, by keeping the environment up to date and patched.

We Know Migration can seem like a daunting task but Morfit Group Consulting can help you get there!

Do not hesitate to contact us to begin a conversation on your migration or to find out more about XenApp 7.15