Zscaler Private Access 

Zero Trust Network Access for your Private Apps
You no longer have to choose between user experience and security.

Zscaler Private Access Benefits

A better access experience

Users have seamless access across all apps and devices. Uses the same Zscaler Client Connector app as ZIA, and browser access is available for web apps.

Segment by application, not network

Micro-tunnels enable network admins to segment by application with no need to segment networks or manage ACLs or FW policies.

The internet becomes the new corporate network

Cloud adoption extends the perimeter to the internet. Use TLS-based encrypted tunnels and custom PKI to ensure private apps remain secure.

Never place users on-network

Authorized users have access to specific private apps without the need to access the network, reducing the risk of lateral movement and the spread of ransomware.


Inside-out connectivity means app invisibility

Service-initiated ZTNA architecture ensures apps connect outbound to authorized users. IP addresses are never exposed and DDoS is impossible.

100% cloud-delivered ZTNA service

ZTNA as a service allows for simple management, high availability, greater scale, and strong protection against DDoS attacks.

The challenge with today’s network security in a cloud-first world

For 30 years, enterprises have relied on network-centric methods to connect users to the network, and by extension the applications running on it. But the way users work has changed, and with applications moving to cloud, the perimeter has extended to the internet. This renders network-centric solutions, like remote access VPNs, obsolete.

Your perimeter is broken

Your users are mobile and connect straight to their cloud apps. They are no longer behind your security stack and exposed. Your data center is empty, so what is your perimeter still protecting?


Your network is costing too much

Your hub-and-spoke network is costly and adds latency. Your users demand a faster connection to their cloud apps. Why continue to backhaul traffic and pay for an architecture that wasn’t designed for the cloud?


The breaches continue

Zero-days, botnets, and threats hiding in SSL bypass your internet security. You can’t inspect all your traffic because your security stack has performance limitations. With increasing inspection demands, how can your appliances keep up?


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