OneLogin:  The #1 Value-Leader in Identity and Access Management

 OneLogin, Inc. is a cloud-based identity and access management provider that designs, develops, and sells a unified access management platform to enterprise-level businesses and organizations. It provides everything you need to secure your workforce, customer, and partner data at a price that works for your budget. With the OneLogin Trusted Experience Platform, customers can connect all of their applications, identify potential threats and act quickly.

once and be done!

Users log in once and have access to all the apps in their OneLogin Portal as well as SAML-enabled desktop apps. No need to sign in again. Users access apps with passwordless authentication. With Desktop Pro, they can even sign into their laptop with their OneLogin password, eliminating the separate laptop password completely.

Enforce secure and easy multi-factor authentication, everywhere

OneLogin Desktop dramatically increases security with additional two-factor authentication. Users authenticate when they log into their OS using their device password and the installed OneLogin Desktop certificate, providing an additional layer of MFA that further protects access to applications. Make access fast and secure even for remote workers and road warriors.


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