Empower people to do their very best work with a workspace experience where IT is more agile, apps and data are more secure, and people are more productive. It’s all possible with a unified workspace designed for today’s hybrid workspace. 

Citrix Digital Workspace

Discover a better way to meet the needs of the modern workforce

The way we work is changing. Today’s remote workforce no longer views work as a place people go, but rather as something they do. Now more than ever, employees need a reliable way to work from any location—on any device, at any time. Which means it’s time for the traditional workplace to step aside for a much more modern workspace. By adopting a work-from-anywhere “digital workplace” model— one that’s not tied to any one geography, network or set of devices—amazing things can happen. It’s the kind of digital transformation that quickly leads to a superior user experience, increased employee engagement and greater productivity.

This is precisely what Citrix digital workspaces are designed to help businesses achieve.

Citrix Digital Workspace solutions empower companies to securely deliver the apps and data people need to be as productive as possible – no matter where they work or which device they use.


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Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop

Citrix VDI and DaaS solutions empower companies to deploy secure, remote apps and desktop to users at scale – while providing a great experience and simplifying IT management.

Today’s employees spend more time than ever working remotely, causing companies to rethink how IT services should be delivered. To modernize infrastructure and maximize efficiency, many are turning to desktop as a service (DaaS) to enhance their physical desktop strategy, or they are updating on-premises virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) deployments. Managed in the cloud, these deployments are high-performance virtual instances of desktops and apps that can be delivered from any datacenter or public cloud provider.

DaaS and VDI capabilities provide corporate data protection as well as an easily accessible hybrid work solution for employees. Because all data is stored securely in the cloud or datacenter, rather than on devices, end-users can work securely from anywhere, on any device, and over any network—all with a fully IT-provided experience. IT also gains the benefit of centralized management, so they can scale their environments quickly and easily. By separating endpoints and corporate data, resources stay protected even if the devices are compromised.

As a leading VDI and DaaS provider, Citrix provides the capabilities organizations need for deploying virtual apps and desktops to reduce downtime, increase security, and alleviate the many challenges associated with traditional desktop management.

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Citrix Application Delivery Controller

Citrix application delivery controller solutions make it remarkably easy for organizations to gain operational consistency, holistic visibility, and comprehensive security across multi-cloud environments. This suite of technologies streamlines application delivery, providing actionable insights for faster troubleshooting, enabling easy-to-deploy web app and API protection—and much more. Providing an optimal experience for your application end users doesn’t have to be difficult.

Across industries—including banking, education, government, healthcare, and retail—organizations are modernizing apps by transitioning from monolithic to microservices-based architectures and by shifting workloads from on-premises environments to public and private clouds. As these apps fast become the lifeblood of organizational success, consistency is key. But frequently, transitioning to hybrid multi-cloud can create unwanted complexity.

Cultivating a competitive advantage means maintaining high-performing applications. And high-performing apps require high-performing infrastructure—the kind that eliminates the complications of multi-cloud application delivery management and help ensure a consistent security posture, all while empowering you to get to market faster.

Citrix Application Delivery Controller allow you to troubleshoot faster, provide a better user experience and strengthen your security posture across all applications and APIs.

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Citrix SD-WAN 

Ensure all remote users are connected and secure

Citrix SD-WAN solutions allow organizations to provide secure, reliable access to business applications—no matter where they’re deployed or which devices and networks are used. This technology is becoming especially critical in the era of hybrid work environments, where employees frequently work away from branch offices. Lean More

See how Citrix SD-WAN solves your business and IT challenges.

Citrix SASE

Deliver fast, secure, and reliable access to all applications, for all users with a unified approach to SASE

Citrix Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) solutions bring together SD-WAN, zero trust access and comprehensive, cloud-delivered security into a single, centralized architecture. Together, these unified solutions allow organizations to provide secure remote access to applications and the internet, without putting strain on IT. And they’re built to meet the complex needs of distributed workforces. Lean More

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