As you know, Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) is seeking to mandate Essential Eight cyber security controls. Organisations will be required to report on their maturity and compliance across Australia.

Download this webinar to hear Zscaler and MGC outline the ACSC essential 8, challenges organisations find with these and how Zscaler can overcome these challenges for some of the essential 8 controls.

In this webcast we covered:

  • ACSC Essential 8 overview
    Overview of ACSC essential 8, maturity model and why it’s recommended
  • Zscaler Defense in Depth
    • Overview of Zscaler controls and how these are typically layered to provide a ‘defence in depth’ solution
  • Zscaler essential 8 implementation
    • Mapping the essential 8 to Zscaler controls and implementing these to protect your organisation
  • Demonstration of the configuration and implementation of some of these features to protect your onsite and remote users and data


Download this webinar below!