MGC appreciates the unprecedented challenges enterprises are facing in combating the spread of COVID-19.

Australian laws and regulations, particularly Australian Privacy Principles (APP) and the Notifiable Data Breach (NDB) scheme continue to apply to enterprise remote working arrangements.

            Mandating that enterprises must take active measures to protect personal information (APP 11) and notify the OAIC of breaches (for which fines possibly in the millions of dollars can apply).

The predominant concern now is that remote working creates opportunistic situations for hackers, phishers, WiFi hacking and a myriad of others.

“A joint report from security non-profit AusCERT and consulting firm BDO reveals that the increasing adoption of flexible working arrangements would make the complexities in identifying and addressing security issues more complex.”

To assist organisations in assessing their remote access deployment MGC provides a remote access breach assessment service enabling you to

  • Identify security breaches and vulnerabilities
  • Confirm if your security devices are correctly configured to mitigate breaches
  • Validate if your security devices and controls are effective
  • Identify where your security budget should be focussed for best impact
  • Determine if your remote access solution is secure and mitigates your enterprise from regulatory and reputational risks.

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