Citrix Application Delivery Controller (formerly NetScaler ADC)

Citrix ADC is the most comprehensive application delivery and load balancing solution for small and medium-size businesses. Which means you can deliver a better user experience, on any device—anywhere.

AttackIQ gives customers the most consistent, trusted, and safest way to test and validate security controls at scale and in production. While competitors test in sandboxes, AttackIQ tests in production across the entire kill chain, the same as real-world adversaries do.

Deploy to production, Connect to what matters.

 AttackIQ can make every system in your networks and clouds a test point for the platform. We do this at scale, in your production environment, building connections to your controls and visibility platforms to capture evidence.


Run scenarios

Scenarios test your controls, validating their presence and posture using the same behaviors the adversary employs so you can be confident your program works as you intended. 


Continuously improve with evidence

 The AttackIQ platform provides a variety of insights for technical operators and executives alike. No longer is your security program a “black box” or managed by wishful thinking, AttackIQ produces threat-informed knowledge in reports and dashboards on a continuous basis.

Zscaler Private Access

For 30 years, enterprises have relied on network-centric methods to connect users to the network, and by extension the applications running on it. But the way users work has changed, and with applications moving to cloud, the perimeter has extended to the internet. This renders network-centric solutions, like remote access VPNs, obsolete.


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